Drum recordings and editing per Songs starts from 150 Dollar. All prices are discussable, such things like is it a one-time recording or whole album or we are going to have a long-term cooperation.  Feel free to contact me 


Revisions can be discussed on Skype or for more professional and intense recording we can record

together with over  

Skyler (Commodores– Grammy Winner- USA), Lars Deutsch (Grammy-winner-USA),  Ray Wilson (Genesis - UK), Victoria Theodore (Beyonce/Stevie Wonder - USA), Elliott Randall (USA-Steely Dan), Sylvester Burks (USA),  Ronald LaPread (Commodores) USA,  Maciej Maleńczuk (Pl), Marianne Rosenberg (D), Sonique (UK)...

Tobias recorded for artist and producers all over the world, some of them are 

Example for one Song recording 150 Dollar

✅ 1 short sample in advance before delivering 

✅ 1 free revision 

✅ Professionally processed audio files

✅ Free HQ .WAV files included with every order

✅ 100% money back guarantee 


selection of rare snares from new modern to vintage sound


Neumann KM 64 / 54 /56 / TLM49 / M149

Sennheiser MD421/ MKH40

Rhode NT55 / 2000 und NTR

AKG C1000 / C391 / C3000 B / C 414 EB 

AKG C414-ULS / AKG SE 5E 10 Keule / D12

AKG D112

EV PI80 / PL10 / RE 20 

CAD E-350 / CAD 95

Schoeps NTM 221

Autotechnika PRO 37

SE electronics V Kick

MB Haun MBH 640 / MBH 648


AVALON: VT 737 Röhren Channelstrip, unvergleichlicher amerikanisch geprägter Sound

UNIVERSAL AUDIO: Twin-Finity 710 Mic Preamp und LA 610 MKII Preamp

AUDIENT-ASP 880, 8-Channel

RME Octamic II, 8-Channel

FMR-Audio: RNP 8380 Mic Preamp

FOCUSRITE: 2x Green Line, Kanalzug

SUMMIT AUDIO: TPA-200 B, Dual Tube-Preamp


Aphex Studio Dominato, Ashly 2x31 Band EQ

Klark Teknik DN 6000 Referenzanalyzer

Compressoren von DBX, BSS DPR-402, Drawmer

SPL: Tube Vitalizer, 4-Channel Transient Designer, 8-Channel Röhrenprozessor CHARISMA

DRAWMER: Noise Gates, DS 201, DS 301

Aphex Exiter

DIGITECH Studio-Vocalist

FMR-Audio: RNC Stereo Compressor

DRAWMER: 1973, 3-band FET-Compressor

TC Finalizer